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Embird Crack + Registration Key

Embird Crack

Embird Crack for splitting patterns, quilt fills, embroidery lettering from ttf and otf fonts, or our ultra-realistic photo-to-embroidery converter module, Sfumato Stitch. Of course, It also has a scanning module with a range of scanning tools, from precise node-by-node scanning to automatic tracing. If you’re interested in machine embroidery and looking for an affordable app to help you digitize new embroidery designs and organize and customize existing ones, tool is the solution you need. Our software is based on the modular principle. The Basic program is a hub to which all modules, also called plug-ins, are connected. Modules extend the functionality of our software with tools for digitizing, cross-stitching, iconizer, etc.

Modules are optional add-ons for Basic, which means you don’t have to buy them all. It is possible to buy only the modules you need. The program can also be used as a standalone application without any additional modules. However, modules cannot be used as standalone applications. You need Basic to work with. To learn more about bird and its plugin modules, please click on the icons at the top of the dashboard. Whether it’s your main embroidery software or an additional tool for everyday embroidery work, Em is versatile software independent of a specific embroidery machine and has been developed for all embroiderers and digitizers, whether professional or amateur.

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Embird Crack Key Features

  • Connect your embroidery machine with Embird’s support for over 70 embroidery file formats for home and industrial embroidery machine brands. Embird license key also allows the import and conversion of SVG and other vector graphic files, bridging your graphics programs and the world of machine embroidery.
  • We tool authors are digitizers ourselves. We build our software features on our own scanning and personalization experience.
  • Computerized embroidery machines use special input files that tell them how to sew the embroidery onto the fabric. These input files are digital stitch files called embroidery designs. Creating the embroidery design from graphics, photos or fantasy is called embroidery digitizing.
  • Use our tools to digitize, edit, adjust, convert, annotate and embroider your creative embroidery designs. Scale and resize your designs, separate, edit, view, print and convert photos and other images into machine embroidery designs.
  • The training section of this website contains hundreds of text tutorials, digitizing tips and a range of video tutorials on the Embird keygen software and also on machine embroidery in general. Plus, we have a support team ready to answer your questions via email.

Embird Crack

Designs Management

Embird serial key Manager

  • Preview, organize and process machine embroidery files
  • Embroidery file converter. Convert designs – whole batch to multiple formats, including Quilting
  • Supports 70+ file formats for home and industrial embroidery machines
  • View designs – either single or thumbnails – in 1:1, Normal, 3D, Density Map, X-ray
  • Print designs – detail documentation, thread list, color layers, thumbnails
  • Copy/Paste/Create shortcuts to organize embroidery designs
  • Modify colors, choose threads from thread catalogs
  • Zip/Unzip embroidery files
  • Export to machine embroidery cards, USB, floppy disks, via serial link
  • Export various types of design documentation in .BMP, .JPG, .PNG
  • Browse through folders
  • Search designs
  • Send designs in e-mail
  • Simple embroidery file manager included
  • Embird activation key Slide Show of designs in Viewer mode
  • Works also with images – view/convert/rotate/mirror/re-size


  • See embroidery design file content instead of universal icon in Windows File Explorer (WFE)
  • See Preview of design file with color list and dimensions in WFE
  • The design file content is shown also in all Open/Save dialogs in Windows
  • Design preview in popup menu in WFE
  • Great for organizing embroidery designs in WFE

Designs Customization

Embird Editor

  • Customize machine embroidery designs
  • Split, Combine designs
  • Delete part of designs – selected areas, colors, stitch codes
  • Re-size with stitch density adjustment
  • Center, Mirror, Rotate, Set Position in hoop, Auto-Repeat, Corner
  • Edit/Add/Remove single stitch points
  • Smart sort colors, Reduce number of colors in design
  • Change embroidery hoop size
  • Print design documentation to multiple sheets of paper
  • Embird license key Insert Basting stitches, Cross reference lines
  • Insert Fabric Flattening Stitches
  • 1:1, Normal, 3D, Density Map and X-ray design view mode
  • Recognize contours in “clipart-alike” images and fill them with chosen pattern
  • Fill empty design area with chosen pattern
  • Modify colors, choose threads from thread catalogs
  • Check designs embroidery in Sew Simulator

Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing Tools – Embroidery Digitizer Application

  • Digitize your own machine embroidery designs
  • Digitizing vector objects, stitches generated automatically
  • Save finished design in 70+ file formats for home and industrial embroidery machines
  • Optional underlaying raster picture as a template for digitizing
  • Adjustable creative and technical parameters of digitized objects
  • Node-by-node digitizing mode
  • Object inspector
  • Tools to transform and align objects
  • Embroidery Thread catalog
  • 3D, X-ray, density map view modes to preview design
  • Editors for custom fill patterns, outline samples, border samples and fill motifs
  • Trace digitizer tool to convert jpg or png to embroidery design
  • Import vector graphic files (Font Engine required)
  • Lettering and Monogram Tool for Embird activation code Alphabets and Font Engine (TrueType and OpenType fonts)
  • Automatic Outlines digitizer tool
  • Fills with multiple motifs
  • Check design embroidery in Sew Simulator
  • Freehand digitizing tool
  • Corner mirror tool
  • Auto-repeat tool
  • Stitch analysis tool

Font Engine

  • Embroidery lettering and monograms digitizer
  • Create embroidery lettering from TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Plain fill, Auto column, Motif fills and various outlines are available
  • Nearest-point connections to remove the need for jump stitches between characters
  • Adjust gaps, rotation, size, angle of individual characters
  • Various baselines supported: line, circle, wave, spiral, slash, custom baseline
  • Insert clock/calendar/multi-line text
  • Unlocks Ready-made Alphabet mode, which allows to map 3rd party “char-per-design” alphabets to keyboard and use them easily in Embird key
  • Unlocks import and stitching of 3rd party vector files in Digitizing Tools

Sfumato Stitch

  • Photorealistic embroidery digitizer from jpg or png images
  • Convert photos into machine embroidery designs
  • Save digitized design in 70+ file formats for home and industrial embroidery machines
  • Suitable for digitizing portraits, still-lives, landscapes or animal designs
  • Digitizing of multi-colored, monochrome or sepia designs

Cross Stitch

  • Machine Cross Stitch digitizer application
  • Crosses, Pixels, Back stitch lines and French knots are supported
  • Digitize cross stitch designs manually, or auto-digitize from imported “clipart-alike” bitmap
  • Save finished design in 70+ file formats for home and industrial embroidery machines
  • Import charts, align them and use as background for placing crosses
  • Insert text using TrueType fonts, or Simple outline text
  • Fill empty area with chosen pattern from library
  • Create your own fill patterns
  • Embird serial number Create cross stitch design from normal machine embroidery design
  • Print charts, either in color or as B&W
  • Normal, 3D, Density Map and X-ray design view mode

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM is required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.

How to install Embird Crack?

  • Below is the software setup, download-save to PC.
  • Double-click to run after the removal of an older version.
  • Then, click to run, unpack now crack folder.
  • Generate from there only the registration key.
  • Let, ‘s implement that Embird product key to the trial version.
  • After replacing, please wait, the software will take place after activation back.
  • Finally, a welcome message will arouse, and later of reboot the computer.
  • Enjoy.


Digitizing embroidery is like translating poetry from one language to another – it should be done by an experienced artist. A well-made embroidery design requires years of experience and a lot of knowledge about special color swatches, detail adjustments, and setting the sewing order.

Since 1993, we have been offering an embroidery digitizing service to embroidery workshops, businesses and individuals. Scanning is done in-house using Embird crack Studio scanning software. We are proud to have been involved in the development of this scanning software from the very beginning. In doing so, we had the opportunity to explore the principles of digitization as much as possible. In addition to common digitizing tools, we use unique stitch textures and manual stitches to create the finest details and realistic color blending effects. Whether you want a personalized gift or need your logo embroidered, we’ll do our best to create a design to suit your needs.


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